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Take the step!

Here is my fear: wait for it…

I have nothing to say. Nothing important. You knew that was coming. What a typical fear. And this reminds me of…

If I tell my students to write and write and write, if I tell them how important it is to let the magic happen- just let it flow from your heart and your mind down your arm and out your fingers. Trust. It will happen, and then- I don’t even pretend to follow my own advice, well what kind of teacher am I? What kind of writing teacher doesn’t write? Can they tell I am faking it? I bet they can, perhaps not consciously but somewhere in their nine year old brains… they sense the (wo)man behind the curtain…

Hey Me! Take the step! Step down. Step up. And so this is my stepping. Write. Walk. Teach. Walk. Read. Walk. Write. Teach. Go for it.

Talk the talk, walk the walk.


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