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Five Things


I spent the past week in New York City at the TCRWP Reading Institute. Today I celebrate five things, and share them here with community at Ruth Ayers Writes. I am always thankful for Ruth’s generosity. I am going to write a lot more about what I learned… but not today!

1. Having a few days with my daughter in the city before the institute started. We shopped and shopped, ate, laughed, saw sights, walked and walked. We argued a little. We made up. I love that kiddo so much. Being around her makes me happy.IMG_3644

2. Spending time with colleagues from my school. This is always the major side-benefit of the week. The shared adventures, the jokes and laughs, the time spent getting to know each other over meals… precious, precious, precious.


3. Learning more about how to navigate around by bus. I am usually a subway fan, but getting around on top of the pavement has many advantages. I was always afraid I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, I’d get lost… but I did it. I got on the bus! And I saw more of the city this way. LOVE that city.

4. The kind woman who helped me figure out how to get OFF the bus. I couldn’t get the door to work. She calmly helped me figure it out. Everyone else stared at me like I was an idiot. She did not.


5. Highline Park. I couldn’t picture¬†what it would be like based on the various descriptions I had from lots of different people. The common denominator was always “You have to see it.” So I did. Agreed. However, next time I am walking the whole thing, and ending where the beverages begin. Just sayin’.

That’s five. I could write about 100. Lucky me!



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