Random Princess Sighting

This week I celebrate childhood.

Right smack dab in the middle of a note taking page, a Disney princess showed up! Right there, after many, many serious lessons about text structures, reading and rereading, sketching and note taking, tackling the hard parts of text, and trying our best to be researchers with courage…


There she was. Waving to the map of California that shows precipitation patterns. My student neglected to read the key of the map, instead interpreting it visually.  Thus the land is green, blue is water…

I think Belle may be responsible for the distraction.IMG_4010

I love thinking about why this student decided to do this…

Was it purposeful? Did she want to decorate the page? Make it pretty?

Was she bored? Where did that come from?

Does it matter? Childhood is alive and well.

Princesses are everywhere.

I’ll celebrate that!

You can read other celebrations here, thank you Ruth Ayers!





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6 responses to “Random Princess Sighting

  1. Belle makes me think of my own children. So sweet. Thanks Cathy.

  2. We all need a little princess in our life. What a fun discovery!

  3. I love that Belle popped up in the middle of this notebook, and I love that childhood is alive and well!

  4. Too funny! My kids are all about sports so I’ll stickers from their favorite teams all over the place. So fun to imagine what’s going on in their little heads!

  5. That is the mind of children-off in a creative space. It is the teacher who has to be observant and thoughtful about each child’s uniqueness.

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