Confessions of a Part-time Facebook Junkie


This is part story, part confession.  Here is the confession: Facebook takes my time. Too much of it.

I love Facebook. It is fun to keep up with people I don’t usually see. It is fun to see what they are up to. It’s also fun to drop little mini-stories about little things that happen in my day.

smart and final

And I also hate it. There is a lot of negative energy at times. Even the above post– as righteous as it felt– also felt mean-spirited in a way. Faecbook is a total time-sucker and a perfect excuse to “just take a few minutes to unwind” after a long day. It is never a few minutes. And often I don’t feel unwinded. Not a word. Should be.

Ten to twenty minutes a day… that is some time out of a day. Okay, hold onto that twenty minutes. It’s coming back later.

Here we are on a Sunday morning. Beautiful sun shining, long walk already in. A whole day to get caught up on paper grading, planning, professional reading… and…. we get to Facebook! Like a moth to the flame. STOP IT.

So I get to my email, and Two Writing Teachers has this wonderfully thought-provoking post by Kathleen Sokolowski about how important it is for teachers to not only be readers but also writers. This cuts me to the quick. I carry some guilt around this issue. I KNOW this. Yet. Facebook calls. And I write little snippets. Suddenly I realize how like my fourth graders I am. It is so much easier to engage in quick things, light things, easily accessible things. It doesn’t make them less important or valuable. It just makes them… lighter.

Trying to write a blog post, an essay, a letter, a story… they take work. And time, and real effort. And, it opens you up. You become vulnerable when you put yourself on paper. That is scary sometimes, and tiring too. However. It is not too difficult. It can be done. Just a change in habit perhaps. Just some engagement. It is so worth it. How often do I lament about my students’ lack of engagement? Me thinks I doth protest too much!

Remember that twenty minutes? If I changed my unwind habit to one of twenty minutes of writing… first, before Facebook, maybe that would be enough to set that guilt down and start writing more. To kick into a writerly life once again.

There are so many good reasons to write. It is healthy, stress relieving. It is excellent preparation for teaching. It helps keep memories from flitting away. It helps me process and prioritize. And understand. I have so many reasons to write. But I am also good at coming up with excuses to not do so.

The past month has found me cleaning and decluttering. I feel energized and unburdened. (Yes, I did this before that book came out about the subject. Just sayin’.) It seems a natural next step to clean up this part of my life as well. Here I go.

Feeling better already.

Thank you TWT for the chance to share. I love Slice of Life stories.




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5 responses to “Confessions of a Part-time Facebook Junkie

  1. Glad to see you here! I have lots of time sucking useless habits. We all do. Have to be kind to ourselves from time to time. I love it when we see our students in ourselves. That discovery alone made the Facebook time a worthy pursuit.

  2. I stayed out of the Facebook life until a granddaughter was born 1,500 miles away from me. I thought there would be pictures of said granddaughter on Facebook a lot. So I joined. Hmmm, not so many pictures of granddaughter on Facebook. But now it’s too late for me, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole you describe. It is a time sucker, but there are a few moments of connection. That’s worth it, right? 🙂

  3. Oh this spoke to me:) esp as an early adopter of Facebook.Thank you for another wonderful post….which I read and enjoy and ponder whether I can return to writing on my little blog sometime soon!

  4. Sometimes if I write in my notebook I’m lots less tempted to check FB, or Instagram, twitter. . . I know what you mean, & I am writing more because I’ve made a change, helps me revise better too. But there are those times when I really like seeing what someone is doing, new baby, wonderful travel, etc. Hard to keep away. Thanks for sharing what I imagine a lot of us are thinking.

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