Drama Uninvited


A Slice of Life from last week. Lots of folks share slices here. Check it out if you don’t already.

          I usually don’t check my phone when I’m at school. Once 2:40 rolls around, I look at it. Then I am ready – who needs me? What do they need? But before that, I am all about my students.

Most of the time.

At lunch one day last week I made the mistake of looking at it. Here is what I saw:

Water is turned off.

Making sure bill is paid.

We did not have your ss number.

What? What kind of cryptic message is that? I DID pay the bill. I quickly checked my app for the credit union. Yep. Bill paid, 8/28. And why is my husband referring to himself as we? And why can’t he look in the file labeled SOCIAL SECURITY? Perhaps it would be in there? Grrr….

Then this.

I gave Disney Papa’s ss.


Now they think I’m dead.

My daughter, the college sophomore, just got a job with Disney. And she gave them my father’s social security number instead of hers. Why you ask? Because I had it stored in my phone when I was taking care of the business you take care of when someone dies, and one day I accidentally gave it to her when she asked for hers.  She obviously didn’t get rid of it the first time she handed it out – to her summer employer. And why is that folder so hard to find?

Then another one.

Make an appointment with the orthodontist for tomorrow.

How about a please? But, crap, I have been meaning to do that for her. Okay, I made the call. The receptionist informed me that she had just made an appointment for my daughter a few minutes ago. Hmm. Made instead of make? What a difference a D makes.

Then this:

DWP had a problem with water pipe at Weymouth Corners.

Love you.

Also, picked up your stuff at the pharmacy and the dog food.

and this:


Also I fixed the ssn.

Redeemed. But not before my heart rate and my blood pressure shot up. Geez!

Tomorrow that phone is staying in my purse. Drama can wait until 2:40.



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8 responses to “Drama Uninvited

  1. Don’t you just love it. You want them to share, but every moment!? Glad it all worked out.

  2. I love this Slice of Life! The tone of humor and slight annoyance is perfect. You learned your lesson – no phone until after the work day ends. I smiled the whole way through this – you are obviously the anchor that holds your family together!

  3. jreid

    And we’re breathing…

  4. There should be a stop sign that pops up before you send a text that says – Is this text really necessary.

  5. cmargocs

    Oh my word(s)…or lack of thereof! I can just imagine you keeping the phone close at hand all afternoon, and the fluster you felt while doing so. I’m like you–my phone stays in my purse. Family knows how to get a hold of me otherwise in case of emergency.

  6. Such a funny slice!!
    My favorite line I’d what s difference a d makes!

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