I Groaned on Accident

Here is a slice of life from room 37.


You can read more amazing slices here.

“Hey guys, I can see that you are interested in reading this book, but I have to remind you that you gotta stick together. Let’s look at your reading plan for tonight.”

Blank stares.

“You know, where you write down the chapters you will read tonight, so you all remember to stick together.”

Blank stares. And then a groan. I ignored it.

“Come on guys! If you all read different parts, it isn’t much fun to talk about it the next day. Okay, everyone go get a Post-it and let’s write down our plan for tonight. We can stick it in the inside cover of our books.”

Another groan. I eyeballed him. KNOCK IT OFF I signalled. He looked away.

It was our second day of historical fiction book clubs. The excitement was real. But these guys were new to each other. They

struggle a bit with organization. They needed a little support.

joshua copy

“All right, everyone has it down. Good for you. Let’s look at the other books you chose today. I am noticing that you are reading about the March on Washington and Pearl Harbor. But your HF book is about travelling west, and covered wagons, and the Oregon Trail. Let’s find a book that can support your understanding of the story you are reading now. You can come back to those books later on, maybe next week even.”


“There is no groaning in readers workshop! I am trying to help you. Trust me.”

His eyes went down, he wouldn’t look at me- just a smidge of a glance. Enough to know I knew he got it.

“Okay, so we are good, right? You know what you are reading tonight, let’s look for the informational text that can help you understand Joshua’s journey. I have some stuff right here.”


“HEY! I said no groaning!”

“I know! I only groaned on accident! I groaned on accident!”

How can you get mad at that?



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4 responses to “I Groaned on Accident

  1. Oh, you’ve had a day like mine! You just have to let him know that you care enough to stop him from groaning. Who groans at reading? LOL You cannot get mad at that, at least not for long!

  2. “I groaned on accident!” Classic!

    BTW: On a related note, you might want to check this out: https://twitter.com/hashtag/OverheardAtPreschool?src=hash. These kids are younger than yours, but they say the darndest things!

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