Who is in Charge?



Here is a slice of life for today!

Today during read-aloud discussion, J said, “Mrs. Skubik, I think I have found a new signpost.”

REALLY!? I thought. That is an amazing statement. Truly. It took my breath away.

First off– for my non-teacher peeps (although you have probably already heard me talk about these since my boundaries have issues…), a signpost is something we teach students to look for in a piece of literature. They occur frequently enough to warrant a name and a question like…”What can we learn about this book from this signpost?” My favorite signpost is Words of the Wiser. This is part of most every book where an older and wiser character gives advice to the main character. The advice is often connected to the lesson learned or the theme of the story. Think of the moment that Dumbledore told Harry that his mother’s love for him was something so powerful and extraordinary that NOTHING could ever wipe it away or reduce its power.

Sniff, still gets me.

Anyway. So J thought he had a new one. A big part of me thought (to myself) “Do you have any idea how long Kylene Beers and Robert Probst worked on this? We can’t just think up a new one! They wrote a whole book about this. Geez.”

But I shushed that rude voice, and told her to ride her high horse off to somewhere else. Think about it!

ONE OF MY STUDENTS FEELS EMPOWERED ENOUGH to create a new signpost. They know how powerful the signposts are. And he discovererd one. HOLY CRAP!

So, that is it. My work is done. Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week.

Well, not quite. But I have made it a point to chart it, and check in with him, publicly and quietly, about how it is going with that discovery. What else have you found to back up your belief that you are on to a new one? How can we word it? Where should we put it in the classroom so that it is clear for others?

Oh, what was it you ask?

“You should be in charge of your own life.”

Amen J, Amen.



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3 responses to “Who is in Charge?

  1. WOW, I love that you empowered your student by shushing your own inner voice! I think it is a sign of great teaching when we learn FROM and along with our students. KUDOS to you 🙂

  2. What a great story! I love that your students are internalizing the sign posts and then creating a few new ones. I think you should send this slice to Bob Probst and Kylene Beers. I know they would be honored to hear it!

  3. Sending this slice off to my signposts teaching buddies! 🙂 Love how you shushed that rude voice and told her what was what. I’m with Carol, send this slice to Bob and Kylene.

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